Perico Sambeat «Flamenco Quintet» - Promotora cultural a través de la música jazz

Perico Sambeat «Flamenco Quintet»

Perico holds a fundamental value in the history of jazz and belongs to the generation that, in the mid to late 1980s, paved the way for the future of Spanish jazz.

New album 2024 “Roneando”

Please join in the enjoyment of his musical performance.

"Alegrías de la lluvia"

"Tanguillos de Asunción"

"Bulería en D"

Sambeat has spent decades evolving Spanish jazz based on countless aesthetic and musical concepts, creating its own universe.

The union of flamenco and jazz has been present in some of his most successful record productions featuring some of the best flamenco musicians as Enrique Morente (1995) or Gerardo Nuñez (2001).

Three decades have passed since he orchestrated and arranged the sound of a jazz big band in 'cante jondo' language, marking one of the most fascinating experiences within the scope of the Spanish jazz firmament.

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The emotions of flamenco and the freedom of jazz.

Perico Sambeat, renowned saxophonist and composer, enthusiastically presents his album for the 2024 tour, featuring an elite quintet composed of outstanding Spanish musicians. This musical project is a sonic journey that uniquely and captivatingly fuses jazz and flamenco.

In this album, Sambeat and his talented quintet explore the complexities and emotional expressions of flamenco through a variety of forms, such as bulerías, tanguillos, alegrías, and seguidillas. Each original composition is an artistic manifestation that captures the vibrant and passionate essence of these musical traditions.

The meticulous selection of musicians in the lineup brings a unique richness to the performance, highlighting the technical mastery and artistic sensibility of each member. The synergy between instruments creates a harmonious and surprising sound, leading the audience into an immersive and emotionally resonant musical experience.

The combination of his skill as a saxophonist and collaboration with exceptional musicians results in a work that promises to be a significant and thrilling contribution to the contemporary musical landscape.

Perico Sambeat Flamenco Quintet CNDM Auditorio Nacional Madrid

This album represents a rigorous and innovative exploration of the fusion between jazz and flamenco, showcasing Perico Sambeat's ability to chart new paths in music.

Last concerts

Season National Center for Musical Diffusion

02/01 - Auditorio Nacional (Madrid) SOLD OUT
02/02 - Theater Filarmónica (Oviedo) SOLD OUT
02/03 - Theater Juan del Enzina (Salamanca) SOLD OUT


  • Perico Sambeat Sax
  • Albert Sanz Piano
  • Miquel Alverez Double bass
  • Sergio Martínez Cajón y percussion
  • Tico Porcar Drums


  • Piano with a minimum length of 200cm, ranging from baby grand to grand. Preferred brands in order: Steinway & Sons, Yamaha, Kawai. This is crucial, please note. The tuner must be present during the sound check for the pianist's approval.


  • Double bass Jazz standard ¾ double bass, Scholli brand, and an Aguilar SL 112 double bass amplifier with its head, or an Ampeg SVT with a 4 x 10' cabinet.


  • Drum. Complete drum set including hardware, throne, and rug. Preferred brands in order: Gretsch, Sonor, Yamaha, Pearl, or Mapex. Coarse white Remo Ambassador single-ply heads, including a bass drum without a hole.

Drum sizes:

18x14 Bass Drum
12" Tom mounted on the bass drum (not floor-mounted)
14" Floor Tom with three legs (not mounted on cymbal stand)
14x5 or 14x6.5 Snare Drum with a single snare wire.
2 Cymbal stands
1 Adjustable throne
1 Snare stand
1 Bass drum pedal
1 Hi-Hat stand
Cymbals: Turkish 14" Hi-Hat, Zildjian 20" Ride, Zildjian 16" Crash

  • Sound system, lighting, and monitoring equipment (5 monitors) suitable for the venue.


  • Five music stands.


I am pleased to inform you that I have a ten-year track record as an exclusive promoter in the field of jazz music. I am known for working with a profound respect for the artist, safeguarding their labor interests, and providing the most beautiful and emblematic venues.

My focus lies in meticulous management, efficient logistics, and strategic marketing.

It is an honor for me to serve as an ambassador and collaborator in the project Perico Sambeat "Flamenco Quintet", actively contributing to the promotion and development of this prominent cultural event.

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